Human Nature is Funny – It Seeks What is Uncommon

You may disagree with the title mentioned. But the two common examples mentioned here may help you understand better about the different perceptions of people in a precise way.

Americans are very passionate about riding bikes and traveling in autos. Americans believe it to be adventurous and thrilling. As the traffic in U.S is very controlled, there are limited number of bikes and no auto rickshaws. Due to this small number, people in America are more attracted to motorbikes and autorickshaws.

Very few people in America own bikes as it is not a functional item. People generally ride for pleasure. Moreover, motorbikes in U.S. are big, powerful, and expensive. Plus, bike accidents are almost always fatal and more probable since it is much less safe than car. The typical average speeds of about 100 kmph on most roads makes bike riding risky for the driver.

Apart from riding motorbikes, Americans are crazy to travel in autorickshaws. An autorickshaw ride is equivalent to a helicopter ride for them. Auto rickshaws became very famous after they were portrayed in a James Bond Movie, Octopussy. The star Roger Moore rides in an auto rickshaw also called as Tuk-Tuk during a chase. In a Visa card commercial, James Bond, Pierce Brosnan rides in a Tuk-Tuk.

Many five star hotels in India have a different entry for the customers coming in autos or on motorbikes. Similar to cleaning staff, who are required to use utility lift rather than the main lift. But this will not happen in U.S.

But, it is totally a different scenario in India. Motorbikes are inexpensive and easily affordable. Many Indians own bikes but not cars. They also travel in autos regularly but may not be able to afford taxis. This makes the difference. Indians like to drive a car. Bikes or autos have less value compared to cars.

Perceptions among the people are different. The thing that is already with you is most likely to be valued less than the one you don’t have. As it is said that grass always looks more greener on other side. People generally are interested about the things, which are away from them. That is why it is said that Human Nature is Funny.


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