Pens and the Romance of the Educated with Pens

Pen occupies a special place in the minds of educated people. Pens are also a symbol of knowledge and mark of humanity. As a key productivity tool for a common educated man, the pens have become the integral part of his life. People have attraction towards pens, as they are associated with ideas and constant strive by man to leave his mark in this world.

Pens have deeply influenced life that if the person forgets his pen on a single day, it causes a lot of inconvenience to him. On a busy day at the bank, if one does not have a pen then he can imagine the headache it causes. Pens are also most convenient to use and are favorite instrument of choice for a pocket, handbag, or small bag.

Besides used for writing, pens are also valuable as a gift item. Corporate executives give it to their co-workers and colleagues and even the employers give it to employees as pleasantries on birthdays and special occasions. Pens as a gift item help to maintain goodwill at work and conveying best wishes on festivals, holidays, and special occasions. Notepads, organizers, and even pens with the names of your employees can be a great idea for a corporate gift. Pens are also used as promotional gift items as they are effective and leave impression on customers. For presidents, bureaucrats, head of states, prominent personalities, the pens have become more of a sort of status symbol. Just like watches, many actors are seen endorsing for pen companies. Some of the pens manufacturing companies like Mont Blanc, Parker makes pens that are of high quality and target affluent segment of society. The high standard pen tucked in the pocket of shirt suddenly catches eyes of everyone and shows the deep influence and status of the person.

Even pens mark spread of goodwill among nations. The State secretaries after signing the deals and agreements exchange the pens as a mark to remember the moment. This act shows a bonhomie and start of congenial relations between the two nations.

From cheapest pens whose costs ranges in few rupees to the costliest pens which can cost millions and are studded with diamonds, gold, platinum etc, pens have always been sought after by people.

Even the handwriting of a person reveals more qualities about him. Graphology, which is study of handwriting can show more unknown characteristics of person by studying the handwriting.

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