Why Good Doctors are Forced to Give Bad Advise?

Have you ever asked doctor the reason for your sickness? Or why it has occurred? If not asked anytime, do it when you go to doctor next time. They are afraid that they will lose patients, if they provide technically accurate response that is suitable for educated patients. Since only a small number of people behave in an “educated” manner, doctors hesitate to give good advice for a variety of reasons. The most important reason being first to survive

Clinic requires lot of patients to make it viable

After the completion of medicine, person will not be immediately appointed as a doctor in hospital as they are already preoccupied with well established and experienced doctors in good number. Moreover, there will be social pressure to earn money. So, a person after completion of medicine should establish small health center like clinic and provide treatment to people for some time period. In order to handle expenses like office rents, advance to place, pay salaries to attenders, cleaners, paramedic staff etc., he needs to invest a lot of money, for which he cannot depend on his family further because they had already spent so much money for his education to complete medicine. So, the only option left for him is to earn money by giving treatment to patients and to retain these patients i.e to make them comfortable to come to him in future for any health problem, so that he get more income to handle all his expenses. Even though he is good at his treatment or work, he needs to keep his patients comfortable in order to survive

There is peer pressure to be successful

For a person, to complete medicine he requires nearly eight and half years whereas an engineering graduate can complete education in four years. The person who completed graduation in any other field like engineering (except medicine) will get settled in a short span of time after completion of education. He owns almost everything like car, house etc., by himself, by the time a person completes MBBS and MD courses. So, the person after completing his medicine tries to establish a good practice as early as possible, since they feel they are already too late. This can be achieved by having a good medical practice, which means they need to cater to many kinds of educational backgrounds to come to them.

Patients do not cooperate with doctor

Doctors try to provide best treatment to patients by saying good things. However, there will be old-fashioned patients who are not educated and may strongly disagree with the suggestions given by doctors. For example when doctors suggest that consumption of citrus fruits like oranges reduces cold, old fashioned patients are not aware of this and claim that taking of these fruits causes cold. If Dalai Lama, a great peace preacher approaches Afghanistan terrorists and preach them about peace and its importance for few minutes, will they change their attitude? No. Similarly, attitude of old-fashioned people cannot be changed in 10-15 minutes even if doctor gives good advice. Many patients will follow old beliefs and circulates negative feedback on doctor’s treatment if they try to change their outdated beliefs. So doctors are afraid in confronting the beliefs of such patients and do not give scientific advice to them, as they could lose patients. Doctors provide treatment to patient based on their attitude and on how educated the patient is.

So, an educated person should ask a doctor for the cause of his health condition or sickness. Unless you establish that you are an educated person and only after the doctor is fully convinced that you are genuinely seeking a scientific opinion does the doctor give technically accurate (modern) diagnosis. If you do not convince the doctor that you are educated, you are likely to be treated as an ignorant villager.

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