Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioners

Want to beat the heat this summer with air conditioner? Looking for an energy efficient system? If yes, consider an inverter air conditioner. Before purchasing an air conditioner, take a look at how traditional and inverter systems work and what are the benefits of an inverter AC system.

Now a days we can see a lot of advertisements claiming 30 percent lower bills using inverters compared to a conventional air conditioning unit. Though their claims of 30 percent lower bills are based on very carefully set up laboratory scenarios, they may still cost less compared to a traditional air conditioning unit.

Generally, when we stitch on a standard appliance such as an air conditioner, there will be a sudden spike in power consumption, lights go dim or flicker for a few moments. This happens mainly because the appliance draws more electricity to start. They draw more power to get started. This may cause much strain on the unit and often results in breakdowns.

Traditional air conditioners use a heat pump, which works only at maximum capacity, as the speed of the compressor cannot be varied. It uses a thermistor to measure the ambient air temperature and to switch the compressor on when required in order to regulate temperature of the room.

Unlike the traditional non-inverter units, the inverter has the ability to alter the speed of the compressor in response to cooling demand of the room. Conventional air conditioners work at a standard fixed speed. Where as inverter air conditioners work like an accelerator of a vehicle, increasing or decreasing power consumption according to the demand. Inverter AC’s draw only the required amount of energy to cool the room. This makes them more energy efficient.

Always remember that inverter is an option, not a brand. Many brands are offering this option. So carefully do your research before purchasing any new air conditioning unit.

Note: This inverter feature is different from the inverter used as power backup when the electricity goes off.

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