Welfare and Prosperity of Loved Ones is Key to Happiness

Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude away, but the moment you turn your attention to other things, it will slowly come and sit on your shoulder. This holds true in the study conducted at University of Cambridge that found that the key to happiness is the welfare and prosperity of your loved ones and a contended life. This establishes a strong relationship between personal happiness to the welfare of family and loved ones.

Simpler not materialistic things

Some try to view happiness through the bracket of a lavish lifestyle, riches, high status in society etc. But the parameters to judge happiness are different. Happiness can be easily achieved through smaller and simpler things like helping friends, colleagues, relatives without expecting anything in return; compassion; humility; caring attitude; positive outlook etc. As the best things in life are free, happiness can be guaranteed by adhering to these simple yet important things.

Men and women view happiness differently

In the research that was conducted, it was also found that happiness also varies according to the gender. While men found happiness in financial security and success, women laid emphasis on good health of family members as key to happiness.

But the common thing observed from the responses of both male and females is that well being and prosperity of family members and loved ones was the key factor for happiness. Although men equaled financial stability to happiness and women on good health of children and family members, they wanted everything sound on three fronts i.e. health, finance, and family.

Happiness is simple to attain but blown out of proportions by making it complicated. Instead of taking a straight forward approach, people prefer to go other way around.

Humans have natural tendency to follow the path of truth and righteousness that leads to happiness. Being unfair and following corrupt practices violates the basic foundation of human nature. Even after amassing huge wealth one can have sleepless nights over fear of losing it or raid from IT sleuths. Thus, a person can live a healthy and happy life that is devoid of complications and materialistic things. Happiness evolves from within and best achieved through simple living.

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