Schizophrenia Can Be Treated: Indian Psychiatric Society

Schizophrenia is a kind of mental disorder which mostly effects young adults. The people suffering from this disorder fail to distinguish between the real and unreal experiences. They find it difficult to think logically and have abnormal emotional responses.

Around 1% of the world’s population is getting affected by Schizophrenia, every year. There are no particular causes for this illness. Even the experts are not sure about its causes and they believe that genetic factors may lead to this condition. Even though men and women are equally getting affected, the effects are milder in case of women when compared to men.


It is very important to know the symptoms of this condition as early as possible. Early identification helps to give treatment at proper time and becomes easy for the patients to recover quickly.

The following symptoms can be seen in a person affected by Schizophrenia

  • They tend to get isolated and start avoiding friends and family members
  • They become emotionless and find difficulty to behave in social situations
  • Deterioration in personal hygiene
  • Either they feel difficult to sleep or they will sleep excessively
  • Will have false beliefs or thoughts that are not based on reality
  • Not able to concentrate
  • Writing lot of things without any meaning
  • Strange postures
  • Showing less interest in regular activities and academics
  • Stubbornness, extreme aggressiveness
  • Not able to laugh or cry properly. And sometimes laugh unconditionally

Is there a treatment for Schizophrenia?

Most probably the answer is, YES. Schizophrenia responds to the treatment because it’s an ailment. The health professionals at Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) say that right treatment and rehabilitation helps in bringing the disease in the patient under control, but the major aspect is identifying it in the early stages.

They also added that early diagnosis, speedy initiation to treatment, careful medical follow up along with support systems which provide vocational training is enough for a patient to lead a normal life.

Many doctors are advising people to be aware of the symptoms to be able to identify the condition as early as possible. They are assuring that the recovery could be 100% if signs in the patients are identified and brought for treatment within 3-6 months. Even for patients suffering from long time, steady medication for long periods and proper support can make them independent.

The IPS President also said that bad modalities of treatment can make the patients commit suicides. There is a medical record of 14-22% of the patients suffering from Schizophrenia, who committed suicide because of bad treatment.

Need family support

The doctors are strictly advising the family members of these patients to take care and pay special attention in case of these patients. As it is very common in India, taking them to religious places is not at all helpful. They should not feel ashamed to consult a doctor if any of their family members are suffering from above symptoms. And even people who started medication should not stop after using for some period.

The doctors have also advised the patients, not to stop medication after using for some period. The families associated with patients have to make sure that the patients are taking the medicines regularly and check if any new changes are occurring. They should also make sure that they are not taking alcohol, which may lead to further complications.

Early treatment at proper time definitely results in early recovery. Remember, Schizophrenia identified at early stages is 100% treatable.

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