Two Sugary Drinks a Day Causes Craving for High Calorie Food: Universities of Bristol and Bangor

It might be a cold beverage, a soft drink, a fruit juice or any liquid which tastes sweet can lead to health complications by regular consumption. Nowadays its quiet common to have a sugary drink whenever we feel thirsty. Kids easily consume more than two drinks a day. Recent studies proved that this tendency to have sugary drinks is leading to health problems.

Research says….

According to the researchers of Universities of Bristol and Bangor, in case of overweight and obese people who are regular consumers of sugary drinks have a dulled sensitivity to the sweetness of soft drinks which results in the craving for more sweeter food.

Even in case of lean people, who were drinking two sugary drinks a day are left with a dulled sensitivity to sweet tastes, particularly in people who do not have a sweet tooth. Since they are sensitive to the tastes they started preferring high calorie and sugar laden foods, creating a “vicious cycle” as consumers look for their next treat.

The study was conducted on both lean and obese people to rate their perception of enjoyment of sweet and salt tastes. When offered identical drinks, obese people rated them as less sweet, while the lean people said they were sweet enough.

The experts then recruited only lean people who did not usually consume sugary drinks. Their sensitivity to sweet drinks was tested and they were asked to consume a sugary drink twice a day. A month later, when they were re-tested, their sensitivity to sweet tastes and conscious enjoyment of them had dulled.

During further experiments including a computer based test, experts observed that overweight and obese participants had a stronger preference for sweet than lean.


Due to dullness in the sensitivity of taste, people tend to consume more sweeter foods and high calorie foods which leads to obesity. Rising obesity level heads to multi level health disasters and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, says the experts from Universities of Bristol and Bangor.


Finally after doing all the studies the researchers concluded saying that sugar levels in different sugary juices leads to

  • sweet tooth
  • carving for high calorie food
  • decreased sensitivity to sweetness

Therefore, the researchers are suggesting people not to have too much of sugary drinks and juices. Instead they are advising them to have whole fruits, vegetables and dried fruits. They also suggested that parents should encourage their children to drink water when thirsty instead of sugary drinks.

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