Regular Strength Training Increases Muscle Strength in Old People: University of Potsdam

Old people now have great news to cheer. Old aged people who feel bad of being dependent while walking or performing their daily activities, should take this new finding by researchers very seriously. This is something which will make them free from the physical dependence and live life on their own.

According to the report published in the science Journal, ‘Deutsches Ärzteblatt International’, the researchers from University of Potsdam found that strength training on a regular basis during old ages is very important to maintain mobility and to manage daily chores independently.

The researchers found that 30 percent of the people tend to lose their muscle strength mostly between the ages of 50-70 years. So, they studied the people in the age group of 60 years and found that regular strength training leads to increased muscle strength, reduced muscular trophy, and that tendons and bones to adopt too.

In addition to this, the authors investigated the level of effects which can be attained with the help of strength training. They also checked the intensity levels which show potential results for people more than 60 years.

The study found that the greater progressive intensities of training yielded higher potential effects, when compared to lower intensities. This helped in preventing effects in cases of falls and injuries.

The researchers say that if the people have the correct intention to enhance their muscle mass, 60-85 percent of one repetition maximum is required and to rapidly increase the muscle force, higher intensities of 85 percent are needed.

Researchers from the University of Potsdam found that, presently only 10-15 percent of elderly people are practicing strength training and suggested that for healthy elderly persons the optimum exercise of 3-4 units is enough per week.

So, now it’s your turn to take your grand pas and grand mas or any old people in your family to strength training classes to make their muscles stronger, so that they will be more healthy and independent.

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