The Higher the BMI, the Greater will be the risk of Heart Attacks: University College, London

Many researches are being conducted to identify the causes of heart attacks since many decades. Every study is revealing a new cause for the rise in deaths due to heart attacks. But this time a recent study conducted by the University College London Medical School, found some astonishing results. It was found that there was a drop of 74% in the risk of heart attacks till 2004, and simultaneously there is a rise in risk by 11% over the past 20 years. This might sound confusing, so let us see the facts in detail.

Drop of 74%
As per the survey conducted on around 10,000 London civil servants taking part in the long running Whitehall II, there is a 74% drop in the risk of heart attacks till 2004. The reasons are:

  • Better control over cholesterol, particularly decrease in LDL (Bad Cholesterol)
  • Reduced blood pressure or Hypertension
  • Drop in the percentage of smoking

But the researchers are still worried since some other reasons are contributing to the rise of heart attacks. Let us see what they are.

Rise of 11%
The researchers mentioned in the European Heart General, that the rise in the BMI (Body Mass Index) over the past 20 years is the major cause for the increased risk of heart attacks by 11%. They also found that

  • One in four adults is found obese in 2005 i.e., having BMI more than 30.
  • The rise of obesity has doubled in the past 20 years.
  • Even though the death rate in younger people due to heart attacks has declined, there is a chance of rising again.

They also found that food habits and exercise showed a less impact on the drop of heart attacks when compared to medication. Even though people are more aware of the health issues and consuming fruits and vegetables, the amount is so small that the contribution was considered to be statistically insignificant.

How to check BMI
Since we are adapting much of the western food habits which involve high calorie junk foods it is important to know our BMI regularly. And now BMI being directly related to the heart risks, it is more important to know the BMI.

The formula for checking BMI is: Weight in kgs / twice the height in mts.

BMI of more than 30 directly shows that you are obese and indirectly shows that you are at a risk of heart attack. So, check your BMI right away and know your status.

Finally, avoiding high calorie foods, doing regular exercises, following healthy food habits not only makes you free from obesity, but also keeps you away from the risk of heart attacks.

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