Wearing High Heels Can Result in Multiple Foot Complications

Wearing high heeled footwear is quite common among women of all ages across the world. It’s like a fashion statement for most of them. Instead of wearing them occasionally, women are using them regularly and letting themselves into health problems. Many studies and researches have been conducted and tried to emphasize the risks associated wearing high heels.

High heels wearers are prone to Arthritis, a painful joint disorder and other risks which could lead to serious problems. The most common form of Arthritis faced by heel wearers is the osteoarthritis, which causes much pain and stiffness in the joints.

Problems attributed with high heels:

Since the number of the women using high heels is increasing every day, it is essential to know their impact on the users’ health. Few risks are as follows.

  • Increased risk of Arthritis

  • Increased pressure on the foot, ankle and knee joints which in turn increases the risk of Osteoarthritis
  • High heels will ruin the posture of the body
  • They can cause injury to the joints
  • Causes lots of problems on lower limbs and back
  • Toes are scrunched up and the risk of developing bunions, corns, ingrown nails and hammertoes increases
  • Develops pain in lower back, neck, knee and ankle

Research says

A research from the British Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists found that the problems with high heels are quite common and severe among women. The society is also predicting an “Arthritis Crisis” due to high levels of obesity, increased life span and poor foot wear.

Tips for high heel users

  • It is better to use high heels occasionally, rather than regularly
  • Wear round toed shoes with a maximum heel of 2 inches and not more than that
  • Have high heels which are fitted properly so that they are not squashing toes
  • A boot with a heel is always safer than the shoe with the heal as it provides support for the ankle
  • Choose shoes which are of high quality, better fitting, more padded and which offer greater support
  • Pregnant woman should not wear any kind of heels
  • Also for the girls whose feet are growing, it is always better to prefer flats and comfortable shoes
  • Sports people should wear only those shoes which are specially designed for them

Limit the use of high heels and follow healthy practices while using footwear. Since feet are the important parts which carry the whole weight of our body, it is essential to take care and save them from multiple complications which may arise due to the use of wrong footwear.

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