Antacids Relieve Acidity Only for 58 minutes – Home Remedies are Better: CERS

According to the latest research from Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad, home remedies like fennel, roasted gram, etc., are found to be more effective than antacids, to cure the symptoms of acidity. People suffering from this problem tend to consume antacid pills to get instant relief. But, this research found that some home remedies give faster as well as longer relief than those medications.

After conducting a series of tests using artificial stomachs, CERS found that all the antacid tablets and salts like Gelusil and Eno, though give instant relief from the symptoms of acidity are effective only for a maximum span of 58 minutes. Whereas, one of the listed home remedies – roasted gram provides relief for up to 104 minutes.

The researchers tested nearly 17 home remedies out of which 15 are found effective in minimizing the mild cases of acidity. However, the degree of effectiveness varies for each of them. Among those 15 remedies, four are found to give faster relief for longer durations when compared to the antacids. Four remedies include roasted chana – 104 minutes, mixture of fennel and sugar – 89 minutes, fennel and raw egg mixture – 87 minutes, milk – 71 minutes.

The study also revealed that Jaggery and soda water, believed to be a good home remedy, do not provide any relief. Furthermore, milk and milk products, though, found to be good for providing significant relief, according to the doctors, calcium present in them may rebound acid secretion.

They also tested few other foods like cucumber, ripe papaya, banana, buttermilk and vanilla ice cream, whose relief periods are found to be in the range of 23-35 minutes. Also for Isabgol, pudina leaves, coconut water, and chilled water they are 5, 10, 14, and 2 minutes respectively.

However, the study recommends the regular sufferers of acidity to take the over-the-counter antacids and for people with severe acidity to get proper medication.

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