Children Adopt the Parents Drinking Habits Effectively: Joseph RownTree Foundation, UK

Like father like daughter, is an old saying. But now like parents like children is a new one according to the latest surveys. It is quiet common among the children to adopt the habits of their parents. If children are inculcating the good habits they feel happy, but what about the influence of parent’s bad habits on their children. Do they adopt them too? The answer is yes, says the Ipsos MORI survey report.

According to the survey conducted by Joseph RownTree foundation it was found that, parents strongly influence the alcohol related behavior of their young kids. The study involved 5700 teenagers between the age group of 13-16 studying in schools of England and examined their levels and patterns of drinking. It has explored the important factors that influence young people’s alcohol use.

Statistics of Teen Drinking:

  • 70% of the students between the age groups of 13-14 and 89% of the students between the ages of 15-16 have had an alcohol drink.
  • The most common age for the first drink was 12-13.
  • Kids belonging to age group of 12-13, are most likely to have been drinking alcopops, beer or lager.
  • Kids belonging to age group of 13-16, are having beer, lager and liqueurs.
  • In the age group of 12-13, 39% of those who had drank alcohol in the past week had consumed seven units or more, while in 15-16’s the same proportion drank 14 units or more.

Causes for Teen Drinking:

  • Less supervision from parents or adults.
  • Spending more time with friends who have a habit of drinking.
  • When exposed to a close family member, especially a parent drinking or getting drunk.
  • Expecting positive outcomes from drinking and thinking that it is common for everyone of their age.
  • Finding it very easy to obtain alcohol.


Among all the factors that influence the teenagers drinking behavior the habits of the parents seemed particularly powerful and more affective.

“Both, what parents say, and how they behave have a strong impact on their teenager’s drinking habits, says the experts.

And the authors say that parental supervision is must on the children, who are particularly in teenage. They have to observe where their children are going during weekends and check whether anyone their friends do have the habit of drinking.

They are also suggesting the government to increase the price per unit of the alcohol to reduce its availability. It is also required to create awareness among the young people and their parents on the harmful effects of alcohol by conducting some national campaigns.

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