Feeling Difficult to Sleep? Try Cooling Caps: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Now a days many people are reporting sleeping difficulties. These sleep disorders are called as Insomnia. There are many reasons which cause this disorder, but major ones being stress and depression.

Since many years researchers are conducting number of studies to find a solution to this problem. Finally, the experts from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have come out with a solution. They have found that increased brain metabolism is the main reason behind insomnia and started working on how it can be minimized. Finally, they have invented some cooling caps which reduce the brain metabolism and proved effective on patients suffering from Insomnia.

Research was conducted on..

A research report was presented in Sleep 2011, the annual meeting of the Associated Profession Sleep Societies. The research was conducted on 24 people out of which 12 were with insomnia and 12 without any sleeping disorder. Participants were provided with temperature controlled caps and have cool water flowing through it. They were observed for 8 nights. Participants slept for two nights without cap, two nights with cap at neutral temperature of about 86 degree F, two nights at a moderate temp of 72 degree F, and the last two nights with the coolest temp of 57 degree F.

Final Result:

While the patients are having sleep the researches monitored their brain electrical activity, eye movements and jaw muscle tone.

They found that the insomnia patients wearing cooling caps fall asleep within 13 minutes and they have spent 89% of their time in bed actually sleeping similar to the people with out insomnia.

The patients also reported that the cooling cap helped them sleep better at the coolest temperature of 57 degree F, and at higher temperatures they reported no benefit.

The researchers observed that the cooling caps at lower temperatures are decreasing the brain’s metabolism and hence improving the sleep.


The researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine announced in the press release that even though 25% of the insomnia affected people are saying that they were satisfied with the drugs, they cause a lot of side effects. And hence advised the use of cooling caps which are effective, safe and natural alternatives for all the sleeping pills.

Now on the doctors are advised to prescribe cooling caps for insomnia patients and not the sleeping pills. This healthy way of overcoming this disorder is very much beneficial for the overall health of the patients.

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