RBI Cautions Public Against Fake Emails, Calls

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in a statement said that many household investors have fallen prey to the frauds who impersonate themselves as RBI employees. The central bank said that it never contacts the public via emails or unsolicited phone calls asking for money or any other type of personal information. RBI also cautions people to remain alert and advised them to get their complaints registered with the local law enforcement agencies.

The Reserve Bank also stated that the fraudsters send fictitious offers to the public through e-mails, phone calls, letters etc. It has noticed that such attractive offers are often sent from fake websites that appear similar to that of Central bank’s website beginning with ‘RBI’, ‘Reserve Bank’ etc. It stated that the only and genuine website of RBI is www.rbi.org.in and the public should be careful and should not get misled by the fake websites.

The RBI has cautioned people several times in the past regarding not to fall prey to fictitious offers/lottery winnings/remittance of cheap funds in foreign currency. But still many residents are becoming victims and losing huge sums of money by getting attracted towards such fictitious offers. So, please be careful in case of any suspicious calls or emails and inform local police or cybercrime authority about such frauds.

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