Citrus Fruits to Lower the Risk of Stroke in Women

Many of us enjoy the tangy flavor of citrus fruits like grape fruits, oranges and lemons. All these are rich in Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant, which helps to fight against free radicals. But the recent study has revealed that, they are more useful than what we actually can expect. A new research suggests that citrus fruits help in reducing the risk of stroke, especially in woman.

According to the study published in ‘Stroke: Journal of American Heart Association’, women who had highest dietary intake of the plant compounds known as flavanones, which are particularly found in citrus fruits, were 19% less likely to suffer ischemic stroke (the condition in which blood flow to the brain is blocked) when compared to those who consumed less flavanones. Flavanones offer protection by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels.

These conclusions are drawn from the data tracked from the Nurse’s Health Study, which was conducted on around 69,000 women over a period of 14 years.

Though the research did not specify the recommended intake of citrus fruits, according to the U.S department of agriculture, eating 2-4 servings of any type of fruit a day is recommended.

Besides consuming most flavanones, the women who smoked less, exercised more, ate healthy food, had an overall better health.

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