ATM Fraudsters Auction ATM Card Data Internationally: SBI

According to an SBI official, ATM frauds are becoming an organised crime with international linkages for acquisition of hi-tech gadgets and auction of card data. The bank official in an awareness programme on ATM frauds said that these fraudsters procure skimmers to copy ATM card data.

The culprits use a pinhole camera on the skimmer placed inside the card slot to read PIN number of the ATM card. Not only this, they have used many other techniques likes tampering of ATM keypads, swapping of cards of customers to copy the card data.

Recently, the authorities have identified and had detected 29 Canara Bank ATMs with skimmers in Chennai and 8 ATMs in Bangalore. The fraudsters had stolen 1.5 lakh data and sold them off in the international markets like Russia.

Even though ATM machines are built with maximum security, still many challenges are faced by banks like low awareness among customers about the ATM frauds, online real time operations and unidentified identity accepted in case of CNP (Card Not Present) transactions.

The official said that there are over 10 crore customers and 25,000 ATM centres across the country and SBI came up with the latest designs to cope up with modern ATM frauds. He also advised that ATM users must change PIN numbers of their bank cards in frequent intervals to avoid these big frauds.

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