Best Ways to Save Money – Easy to Implement

To many people, savings is an absolute sacrifice as if it strips them off things invaluable! You need not sacrifice anything to save money. Small adjustments to your lifestyle can save you a lot of money. You just need to follow and implement them in your day to day life. Here are the easiest ways to save money.

  • Switch off the lights/fans & TV whenever you leave the room/home
  • Open doors and windows during the day time – save energy on lights and fans
  • Remove incandescent bulbs & replace them with CFL or LED bulbs
  • Don’t use washing machine to wash small items – don’t use the spinner, if you can squeeze water using hands
  • Cancel out unread magazine subscriptions
  • Pay your bills online – save on traveling costs
  • Share your car or bike with your spouse or colleagues to save on petrol charges
  • Purchase intelligently and with patience – don’t go in a hurry to purchase – buy appliances based on reliability, not based on what’s cheapest at the store
  • Don’t order more food at restaurants – no need to impress your friends or family – if possible invite friends to home, instead of going to restaurant
  • Don’t overspend on beauty products, make use of homemade products
  • Cash out unused items
  • Buy fuel efficient car, scooter/motor cycle
  • Use public transport – buses, trains whenever possible
  • Cut down phone bills – use pre-paid phone – cut unnecessary landline at home
  • Cut down utility bills
  • Avoid impulse buying
  • Buy seasonal items off-season – like sweaters, umbrellas, refrigerators and coolers
  • Book your travel tickets early – you will get at much lower prices
  • Research online before buying anything expensive
  • Cut money on your vacation spending
  • Celebrate your kid’s birthday party at home instead of hotel or restaurant
  • Don’t go for laundry/dry cleaning – wash & iron at home
  • Don’t go for new brands, rip-off sales
  • Consider price check on deals before you buy
  • Stick to appealing clothes in regular brands – don’t go for designer wear. Good fitting clothes that are appealing are not necessarily expensive. Look for value. Ask yourself, “Is it worth paying this many rupees for this dress?”

Implement these simple steps to save money, to make significant savings on your regular spending. Every single step you take to go for saving makes a lot of difference. Never give up your urge and commitment to save money.

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