Habits that Save Money

Many of us struggle to save money as there is hardly anyone teaching it at home/school/college. We wrongly assume that saving money is a painful process. Inculcating some simple habits can make a huge difference in your savings. Here are some habits that can help you save significantly.

  • Turn off lights before you leave the room
  • Give up moderate unhealthy habits – smoking, drinking, etc.
  • Learn to say ‘NO’ – stay away from purchasing unnecessary items on debt
  • Do it yourself – handle your household small repairs by yourself
  • Ask yourself before buying – “is that really required?”
  • Stay away from people who overspend
  • Research before you purchase
  • Track your expenses and get into a habit of budgeting
  • Don’t do impulse buying
  • Develop contentment in life – Be happy with what you have

These points help you pave way to save. They strengthen your ability to save. Like any other good habit, these habits may look difficult to inculcate; but practicing them slowly will help you get rich dividends in the long run.

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1 comment on “Habits that Save Money”

  1. Khageswar Rao K says:

    The points are practical. They would help one cultivate saving habits. Also, there is another point to add: Avoid getting influenced by media manipulation (television ads, et cetera) on lifestyle, which are ultimately meant to promote sales. Initially, it might be hard, but with conscious practice, it is possible to avoid getting influenced by such false information