Men Actively Buy Insurance Online than Women: Study by Policy Bazaar

A survey by Policy Bazaar, one of the online insurance portals, showed stated men are more active in buying insurance online than women. The study says that of the overall people who bought insurance online, 98.1% were men, while only 1.9% were women.

ad hostingMoreover, it also showed that metro residents were more active visitors of online insurance portals than non-metros. It found that 59% of online visitors belonged to metros like Mumbai, Delhi etc., while 19% belonged to mini-metros and 21% belonged to small cities across the country.

The data also shows that people in metros are more concerned about their vehicles than health. Among those people who resided in metros, 71.4% of people have checked for car insurance online and 63% of people checked for health insurance.

Policy Bazaar says that data from the study showed an interesting point, that people who live in small cities and towns are more concerned for property insurance. 78% of visitors who inquired for property insurance are residents in towns and cities while 18.5% were from metros. The next interesting point was that most of the people who are active in buying insurance online (life and health) come under the age-group of 25-40, while people preferring for car insurance were among the younger age group of 20-25 years.

Source: Economic times

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