Resulting Conditions of Heart Diseases – Heart Attack, Angina, and Stroke

In the previous article, we discussed about the common types of heart diseases. Now let us see the resulting conditions of those diseases. Resulting conditions are the outcomes of diseases. In general, any heart disease may result in 3 possible conditions like – Heart Attack, Angina, and stroke.

  • Heart Attack: Heart attack is a common condition which is mostly a result of coronary artery disease or any other heart disorder, but mainly happens due to the blockage of blood vessels of heart.

    If the blockage happens for few minutes and later if the heart starts receiving blood again, it stops for few minutes and then works normally. This condition is called cardiac arrest. If the blockage completely stops the blood flow to a specific part of the heart muscle, that part or muscle either suffers damage or completely dies. The first condition in which the heart again receives the blood is often irreversible.

  • Angina: Angina is a symptom of coronary artery disease or any other heart disease, which occurs when the heart muscle is not getting enough blood. Angina is medical term which represents pressure or squeezing pain in the chest. This pain may also occur in the shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back. If the pain occurs quite often, it should be treated immediately. In many cases, angina is the first sign of future heart diseases.
  • Stroke: Stroke is of two types: Ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke

    When the blood vessel carrying blood to the brain gets blocked due to a clot, some of the brain cells do not receive sufficient blood and oxygen, resulting in their death. This results in the inability of the brain to carry few functions like, walking and talking. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when some of the blood vessels within the brain burst due to an uncontrolled hypertension.

    If large number of brain cells die during the stroke, the affect will be permanent and the cells will never be replaced. But in case of few cells getting damaged, they can repair themselves overtime.

These are the major conditions the heart disease victims suffer from. However, when somebody goes through these conditions, they may not be able express their condition in a proper way. So, it is important to know warning signs of heart attack and stroke, which we will discuss in our next article.

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