Understanding Wealthy Life

Poor and not so rich think the wealthy have a life of leisure and peace. The wealthy think the poor are lazy

Many of us think that a wealthy person does not have to worry about future obligations or think of personal financial planning in their life. He is the one who enjoys 24 hours a day to the utmost extent.

People see one side of wealthy
Perhaps, the most misunderstood thing today is that being wealthy means enjoying the best the world has to offer. Many people perceive wealthy as to be able to live a lavish life and to be able to travel the world and buy things that one wants without any worry.

The middle class and not so rich people look at big houses, cars, expensive clothes, watches, and other status artifacts of wealthy people and think that the rich have a life of leisure and relaxation. But in reality, this is not the case. Believe it or not, in order to be wealthy, you need to handle many challenges. A person can remain wealthy only if he successfully handles the challenges faced by wealthy.

Real side of wealthy lifestyle
In order to be wealthy, you need to handle many responsibilities that the poor need not. There is a lot of mental strain behind the wealth that is being built. People think that financial freedom can be attained once they get wealth. In fact, they don’t understand that new kinds of financial problems and monetary tensions begin when a person gets lot of wealth.

A wealthy life is a hectic life with no free time. In order to be materially wealthy, one needs to put much time on his job/business. A wealthy man needs to handle responsibilities of keeping track of finances and making an upfront tax planning. Their taxes are more complex and are likely to be reviewed in great detail. So they need to file records properly.

A major issue with wealthy is that many people start pestering to get money from them. Relatives try to exploit wealthy. You can see more telemarketing calls for getting them to buy something or the other. From a vegetable seller to an electrician, everyone tries to overcharge them. So, we believe that being wealthy doesn’t mean to have financial freedom; instead it requires lot of difficult things to handle.

A lottery winner or inheritor cannot maintain wealth
“An inheritance quickly gained at the beginning will not be blessed at the end”.

Inheritors typically do not have the competence required to manage their money. These people may not be able to do things like living within their income, buy clothes from mid-range department stores, and drive used or low cost cars. They cannot make wise spending without using credit cards. This kind of inheritors cannot maintain organized way of living and have commitment towards their goals. They don’t know how to maintain sudden wealth, without wasting it or eating away; they don’t spend time learning how to grow their money. They may also fall prey to bad investment decisions and lose a lot of money.

Successful people remain wealthy
Successful people are generally good learners. These people are committed to goals and always focus on their game plan by managing money in a good manner. In fact, there is a saying, “until you show you can handle what you have got, you won’t get any more”. So, in order to be successful and to remain wealthy, you need to manage money with a right mindset, than you will have more money to manage.

Also, there is a lot to know about wealthy people. Have you ever heard of a ‘frugal rich’? The person who is contended with wealth and maintains a frugal living despite having a lot of money is a ‘frugal rich’. Most of the wealthy are frugal rich people who live in homes which are valued at low cost and have occupied the same home for more than twenty years. Most of these people live well below their means. They are fairly well educated and will spend heavily for the education of their children and grandchildren.

Being wealthy and successful needs learning and in-depth understanding of money. You can be successful, if you have a great learning expertise and years of experience with good knowledge in investing as well as on smart living.

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