Death By Mosquito Bite is Covered in Accidental Insurance

The consumer forum said that, death caused by mosquito bite is an accident and it is to be covered under accidental death insurance. It also said that, there is no difference between the death caused by the snake bite and the mosquito bite, provided there should be a proof to the fact.

This happened with one of the persons who have taken accidental insurance for a period of 1997 to 2007 and demised in 2003 due to the mosquito bite. The beneficiary of the deceased person has claimed for the reimbursement. But the insurance company disagrees and says that, the insurance of the deceased has been cancelled for some reasons and was compensated for the premium amount for the un-expired period of the scheme.

The consumer forum said that, beneficiary of the deceased person can get reimbursement, as the policy covers the death caused by the mosquito bite. But in the case of deceased person, the consumer forum supported the decision of the insurance company to reject the beneficiary’s claim, because the policy was cancelled in 2002 and the cancellation was not challenged by the beneficiary.

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