Diabetic Diet Plan for Indians

Diabetes or high blood sugar is one of the most common chronic (lifelong) disorders from which majority of Indians are suffering. Unlike all other lifestyle diseases, diabetes affects almost all the major parts of the body, when not managed properly. Hence, diabetes management is important for every person suffering from diabetes.

Long back, in the ancient Ayurvedic treatises by Sushrutha and Charaka, dated more than 2000 years back, proper diet was recommended as the treatment for diabetes. The same has been updated by our present medical experts and they do suggest good balance of right foods, regular exercise, and intake of prescribed medicines, as the best way to manage diabetes.

People suffering with diabetes should follow a controlled and planned diet. Though most of them know this they are poorly aware of what exactly to take, how to take, how much to take and when to take. Since, the intake of every single grain matters in case of diabetics, they have to follow a diet plan suitable for their medical conditions.

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has recommended a diet plan which is specially meant for Indians. Different diet plans have been prescribed based on the food habits of the people from different parts of India. You can find different diabetic diet plans for each region separately in the following sections:

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    Very good article, if followed we can delay/arrest diabetic type 2.