Ethylene Treatment – Latest and Safest Method to Ripen Mangoes

Relieving the Mango farmers from the harmful and the government prohibited way of carbide ripening; the department of horticulture has come out with an alternative solution called Ethylene treatment, for ripening the mango fruit.

Though this kind of ethylene treatment is in use for bananas, for the first time it was introduced to mangoes. The scientists from the Fruit Research Institute (FRI) at Sangareddy, Medak district, Andhra Pradesh also appreciated the step stating that ethylene treatment is the safest way to ripe fruits. They also mentioned that unlike carbide, which is dangerous, ethylene will not pose any health hazards to the consumer.

According to the experts, this treatment can be used for ripening the mango varieties like banginapalli, imam pasand, suvarna, chinnarasalu, peddarasalu and cherukurasalu.

Source: TOI

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