Glass Bottles – Safest Packing Medium, Lowest Global Warming Risk

From the first-ever life cycle assessment study of the Indian glass industry, it was found that the glass packaging has the lowest human toxicity potential when compared to other packaging material like plastic, metal, paper, etc.

The study was conducted by the All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation, in association with few glass manufacturing companies like Hindustan National Glass, Piramal, AGI Glaspac and Vitrium Glass. The main aim of this study is to assess the environmental impact of glass as a packaging medium. The study collected data from 28 furnaces and covered 72% of the domestic glass production.

From the findings of the study, glass packaging has the highest green potential and the lowest global warming risk when it comes to processed foods and beverages. It retains the quality of the packed product and also causes least damage to the environment. As glass is a recyclable product, and the use of recycled glass in India increased from 35% to 75%, it will also reduce the carbon footprint by almost 40% says the experts.

The Federation is also planning to take measures to improve the green profile of glass like adoption of technology to reduce glass weight from 5% to 29%, increasing recycling from 35% – 50%, increasing the use of natural gas as fuel instead of furnace oil.

Source: The Hindu

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