High In-take of White Rice May Increase the Risk of Type II Diabetes

By reviewing the data from four different studies which included around 3,50,000 people researchers found that the more white rice people eat, the higher will be their chances for developing Type II diabetes.

Of the four studies the experts from Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School looked at two studies conducted on Asian people (Chinese and Japanese) and two on Western population (the US and Australia).

They found that Asian groups which tend to take much higher intake (3-4 servings a day) than those in the West who take moderate amounts of white rice (1-2 servings a day) have the higher chances of developing Type II diabetes.

However, the experts also mentioned that from these studies they don’t want to conclude that the increased diabetes incidence occurred because of the higher rice intakes and there could be due to other lifestyle factors also.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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