Indian Youth More Likely to Get Heart Problems – Study

Indian population who are as young as 15-20 years are now at a higher risk of cardiac problems. According to the cardiologists, this is about 10-15 years earlier than the average age of people affected by heart complications in other countries.

A reputed hospital from Hyderabad has presented their study at the International Workshop on Interventional Cardiology. According to their study, around 22% of the youngsters do not show any symptoms of heart problems before they suffer their first heart attack.

The experts from the workshop suggested all the cardiac specialists to use high-end medical equipment, to detect blockages in the blood vessels without error and they also mentioned that those latest gadgets are currently available in the market at affordable prices. They added saying that the doctors should educate the people about the new technologies as well as the identification factors that cause heart attack. According to them, the sedentary lifestyles lead by the present urban generation is the main cause for these early heart-related complications in the younger generations.

Source: DC

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