Young People of South India Suffering from Chronic Kidney Diseases: Study

A recent study conducted by the doctors of Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam of Andhra Pradesh, gave startling results, showing that most of the Indians are becoming vulnerable to chronic kidney diseases at a very young age.

Getting affected by a chronic kidney disease is quite common at an elderly age of 65-75 years, but according to the study the mean age group affected by such disorders is 50-55 years, which is quite early. The study also revealed that Indians are developing kidney diseases as early as 35 years, but they are reaching the chronic stage at the age of 50-55 years.

According to the survey, 35.3% of young patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases are from South, 27.9% are from the North, 25% from the West and only 11% from the East. The patients of these diseases are not only younger; they are also poorer, and more likely to suffer advanced kidney problems in the near future.

Many health conditions can affect the kidney and cause disorders like kidney stones, kidney cancer and cysts, resulting in a decline of kidney function. Structural diseases can also damage the nephrons, resulting in a decline of kidney function. If such disorders are detected in the early stages, the chronic kidney diseases can be prevented. However, staying away from unhealthy habits, adapting a healthy lifestyle, and taking proper medication and treatment are essential to control the effects of kidney disorders.


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