Diabetic Diet Plan for People of Odisha and West Bengal (East India)

Eastern Indian diet plan is especially for people in the Eastern coastal states of Odisha and West Bengal. The cuisine of these two states offer a variety of low calorie delicacies. People here are sweet lovers and it is very rare to see meals without sweets. Rice is the staple food in these regions.

Following is the diet plan for diabetics of Eastern India

Meal Pattern for the Traditional Odia/Bengali Client with Diabetes Type 2
Meal Typical Modified

Calories : 3127
Carbohydrate : 445 grams (56%)
Protein : 141 grams (18%)
Fat : 87 grams (25%)
Calories : 1852
Carbohydrate : 270 grams (58%)
Protein : 98 grams (21%)
Fat : 39 grams (19%)
7:30 A.M.
 1 cup tea with whole milk and sugar
 1 cup chuda (puffed rice) upma
 1 cup tea with skim milk (or 1% fat milk)
And with no sugar (preferable).
 2 slices of whole wheat roti/ bread toast.
 2 table spoon of chutney
 2 tsp margarine
10:30 A.M
 3 graham crackers
12:00 noon
 3 cups of cooked rice
 60gm of meat or fish
 1 cup of dhal
 1 cup of stir-fried vegetables
 2 table spoon of tomato/dhania chutney
 ghee, pickles
 1 ½ cups of cooked brown rice
 ½ cup of dhal
 1 cup of stir-fried vegetables
 60 gm of fish (low fat) or meat (white, lean)
 1 cup low fat yogurt
 2 table spoon of tomato or dhania chutney
3.30 P.M.
 2 cups of Mudhi (puffed rice) and
mixture (fried nuts and legumes)
 1 fresh fruit
7:00 P.M.
 3 cups of cooked rice
 1 cup of dhal
 85 gm of meat or fish
 1 cup of stir-fried vegetables
 1 cup of curry (mixed vegetable and chickpeas)
 ½ cup cooked brown rice
 1 roti
 1 cup stir-fried vegetables
 60 gm of chicken or fish
 1 cup raw salad
9:00 P.M
 1 cup of skim milk


List of healthy and not so healthy foods for East Indian Diabetics

Healthy Foods (use often) Not so healthy foods (use less often)
Roti Parata fried with oil
Plain brown/basmati rice (cooked) Pulao or fried rice w/ >1 tsp oil
Roasted mudhi or chuda (puffed rice) Chuda upama with oil and vegetables
Meat or meat alternatives
Dhal (mung, toor, or masoor) Dhal with lots of oil or ghee
Baked Fish or Chicken Fried chicken or fish
Pan-fried fish w/masala (cooked with oil and spices) Fried fish in tomato gravy
Vegetable dishes
Stir-fried vegetables Vegetable curry w/ lots of oil and spices
Dalma (mixed Vegetable w/ dal) Dalma with coconut and ghee
Yogurt and buttermilk made w/ skim milk or 2% milk Yogurt and buttermilk w/ whole
Raita made with low-fat milk Raita with fried boondi
Rasgolla and other steamed desserts Desserts made with whole milk and or fried
Fruit dishes
Plain fresh fruit Fruit salad with jaggery & nuts

Source: The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)
* Though the diet plans are specially designed for diabetes patients by the expert group, we suggest you to check with your physician before practicing this diet, as the diet plans may vary based on the individual’s medical conditions.

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