North Indian Diabetic Diet Plan

This diet plan is meant for different North Indian places like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh. Wheat is the staple food of North Indians.

Following is the diet plan for all the diabetics of North India.

Meal Pattern for the Traditional North Indian Client with Diabetes Type 2
Meal Typical Modified

Calories : 2600
Carbohydrate : 350 grams (55%)
Protein : 80 grams (12%)
Fat : 100 grams (33%)
Calories : 1600
Carbohydrate : 220 grams (55%)
Protein : 70 grams (17%)
Fat : 50 grams (28%)
 1 cup Tea / whole milk -3 teaspoons sugar
 1 potato paratha
1 tsp Pickle
 1 cup Tea / skim milk-no calorie sweetener
 2 whole wheat bread toast
 1 teaspoon butter
 1 cup skim milk
 2 roti with 1 teaspoon ghee
 1 cup rajmah (or chicken curry)
½ cup spinach and potato subji
 ½ cup onion and cucumber salad
 1 roasted papad
 2 roti-no ghee
 1 cup low fat rajmah (or low fat
chicken curry)
 ½ cup spinach subji
 ½ cup onion and cucumber salad
 1 roasted papad
Tea Time  1 cup Tea / whole milk- 3 teaspoons sugar
 ¼ Cup namkeen (fried snack)
 1 laddu (sweet)
 1 cup Tea / skim milk-no calorie sweetener
 30Grams mixed nuts
 1 Banana
 2 parathas
 1 cup chole (1 cup Kheema)
 1 cup potato and pea subji
 ½ cup dahi (whole milk yogurt)
 2 roti-no ghee
 ½ cup chole (or ½ cup low fat kheema)
 1 cup cauliflower subji
 ½ cup dahi (fat free)
 1 cup Kheer   1 orange
 1 cup skim milk


Below is another table which identifies foods to eat more often and foods to avoid or to be preferred less frequently.

Food Groups Eat More Often Avoid or Eat less often
Starches  Roti, phulka, chapatti
 Brown basmati rice
 Potatoes-prepared with minimal oil
 Paratha, puri, kachori, naan
 Pulao, Biriyani
 Fried potatoes
Fruits  All fresh fruits
 Monitor portion size of fruit
 Light canned fruit
 Regular canned fruit
Vegetables  All vegetables cooked with minimal oil  Creamed or fried vegetables
Meat And Meat Alternatives  Dal cooked in minimal oil
 Chicken (without skin) and fish cooked in
minimal oil
 Eat lean lamb, goat, pork or beef less
often and in small quantity
 Low fat cheese
 Low fat paneer
 Part skim Ricotta cheese
 Fried or creamed dal
 Chicken, fish, or red meat
cooked with cream
 High fat cuts of lamb, goat, pork or beef
 Regular Cheese
 Regular paneer
 Regular Ricotta Cheese
Dairy  Skim milk, fat free yogurt and buttermilk  2% or whole milk and its products
Fats  Canola, vegetable, or olive oil
 Nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts
 Seeds such as sunflower seeds
 Butter, ghee, cream, half-and half
Coconut, coconut oil, coconut milk

A typical north Indian party menu with serving suggestions is also tabulated below.

Typical Party Menu Serving Suggestions
(Watch portions and total carbohydrate intake to avoid elevated blood sugar after the meal, and enjoy the party)
 Samose or pakore with chutney
 Chicken curry (non-vegetarian)
 Potato Pea subji
 Cauliflower with potato sabji
 Onion, cucumber, radish salad
 Boondi Raita
 Matar Pulao
 Gulab Jamun
 1 Samosa
 1 Puri
 ½ cup Chole
 ½ cup Chicken curry (non-vegetarian)
 ½ cup Cauliflower subji, avoid the potatoes
 1 kofta
 1 cup onion, cucumber, radish salad
 ¼ cup Raita
 (Skip pulao and dessert)


Source: The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)

* Though the diet plans are specially designed for diabetes patients by the expert group, we suggest you to check with your physician before practicing this diet, as the diet plans may vary based on the individual’s medical conditions.

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