Indians Depend on Others While Investing Online: Survey by Nielsen

According to a recent global survey by information and measurement firm Nielsen, Indians are more dependent on others while investing through online compared to the global peers. Only, 41% of online Indian consumers prefer investments options like mutual funds, precious metals, stocks and bonds.

The report shows 16% of Indian respondents would take advice of relatives, friends and colleagues while making decisions on personal finance. When considering the most preferred investment options, 64% of the Indian respondents favoured mutual funds among the top four investment options. The other investment avenues followed by mutual funds are precious metals, stocks and bonds. The online Indian consumer sees great benefit of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for which mutual funds are becoming the most popular investment tools among others.

The global survey on 28,000 online investors in 56 countries, shows that, a total of 42% online Indian consumers made investments. Despite being net savvy, about four out of five online consumers in India, prefer conducting their transactions at the branch of their favoured bank.

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