Treatment in Unregistered Hospitals May Fail to Meet Insurance Needs

With the rapidly increasing number of private hospitals and over 2000 nursing homes existing currently, the number of illegal hospitals (not having a valid registration) are also increasing. This however, is a concerning issue for the medical/health insurance policy holders, as they will face the problem of rejection of claims from the insurers.

In the month of March, the civic body has made it mandatory for these institutes to meet the fire safety norms, in order to meet all the requirements for renewing registrations. But most of the hospitals and nursing homes failed to meet these requirements within the given time. Even then these medical establishments are working without a valid registration.

Today, there are many policy holders falling victims of this legal ambiguity. These insured were denied the reimbursements, as they have taken treatment in unregistered hospitals.

The former president of Association of Medical Consultants (AMC) said that, the issue is mutli-faced and today, over 20,000 hospital beds in Mumbai and Thane are illegal. Also, the owners of small nursing homes are saying that, through there are some standard norms for standard hospitals and nursing homes, how can a nursing home in housing cities can suddenly follow the same protocols as big hospitals. Hence, insurance companies are using it as an excuse to reject claims.


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