Income and Service Proofs Not Required for Claiming Insurance

The Tribunal of Thane district says that insurance claim can be granted even if there is no proof of service and income. The Tribunal judge awarded a sum of Rs.2,08,000 to the claimant of thane as compensation for the accidental death of his 22-year-old son in 2003.

The claimant told the court that his son was earning Rs.3,000 per month, serving(working) to one of the persons who is the owner of the motorcycle that is involved in the accident. In 2003, his son met with an accident when he was going on the motorcycle. The insurance company with which the motorcycle was insured and the owner of the motorcycle were the defendants in the case.

The Applicant’s counsel told the court that both the motorcycle and the unknown vehicle were involved in the accident and therefore, the owner of the motorcycle and the insurance company are liable to pay compensation. Considering the age of the deceased person as deposed by applicant at the time of accident, there is no hesitation to hold that the notional income of the deceased and can be taken into consideration, according to the Tribunal judge.

The Tribunal said that claimant must be granted compensation of Rs.1,98 lakh for total loss of dependency. Also, the court granted Rs.10,000 towards funeral expenses.

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