Income Tax Dept Upgraded its e-Filing Website

The e-filing website of income tax gets a makeover with a better look and more features. The income tax website of India – now allows taxpayers to prepare their tax returns online apart from the previous tax forms.

The e-filing website enables taxpayers to skip tax-intermediary websites that charge some money for accessing their tax filing systems. The new website allow taxpayers to submit their tax returns, view old tax returns, rectify returns, and view their acknowledgments as well as demand and check the status of their tax refunds.

There are separate registrations for Chartered Accountants (CA) who offer tax-filing services. If a taxpayer uses tax filing service by a CA for filing returns, he can add his CA to his profile. The CA can file tax return on behalf of taxpayer, and there is also an option to review and reject the e-filing return by the user. Further, it is said the legal heir can also e-file tax return on behalf of deceased person.

The website also offers the provision of modifying personal details associated with the Permanent Account Number (PAN). All the activities that are done using the website can be sent to email/mobile phone for security issues. Taxpayer can also opt digital signature for higher security.

The new upgraded website came into effect from 9th November after suspending e-filing services for six days to migrate the data.

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