Dental Care Tips during pregnancy

Dental concerns during pregnancy: Many women feel discomfort going to dentist when they are pregnant because they are not sure if it is safe to go through the dental procedures. Well, some make it safe through nine months while others face some emergency situations where they can’t wait without making a visit to dental practitioner’s office. Pregnant women generally experience some changes in their oral health and usually take extra calcium supplements prescribed by their doctors to keep their teeth healthy. However, they may get affected with excessive plaque formation, gingivitis, pregnancy tumors and other dental complications because of hormonal changes, particularly increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. For better understanding we have put through some important points that need attention during pregnancy:

Dental problems vs baby’s health

Not many women are aware of the fact that oral hygiene during pregnancy has a direct impact on baby’s health.living_smartly_dental_care_during_pregnency The gingivitis, that usually occurs during this period, release excess bacteria, that can enter into the bloodstream through gums, affect the uterus, triggering the production of chemicals called prostaglandins, which may sometime lead to premature or unhealthy babies. Hence, it is important to be extra cautious and be aware of the healthy dental habits, so that complicated procedures can be avoided during this crucial time.

General oral risks during pregnancy

Brushing the teeth two times a day after each meal when possible, flossing thoroughly, rinsing the mouth with proper anti-plaque and fluoride mouth washes and following the nutritional diet are some of the things that women need to follow during their pregnancy to avoid the risks of dental problems.

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Formation of plaque

A regular visit to the doctor is very much needed for general checkups and routine cleaning. If it is neglected, then it may result in excessive formation of plaque, leading to gum problems, gingivitis and tumors. People who are already suffering with these preexisting conditions, may have to take extra care so that the condition doesn’t worsen during this time.


Pregnancy gingivitis, is the condition caused by hormonal imbalance, where the gums get inflammation, causing bleeding & becoming tender and swollen. If neglected, the person may develop serious gum diseases like tumors and periodontitis, which again require long procedures to cure them. Hence as soon as the symptoms of bleeding occur in the gums, it is better to visit dentist immediately for treatment.

Pregnancy Tumors

Tumors are non-cancerous extensions that usually occur on the swollen gums, causing inconvenience while chewing and brushing. It often happens during second trimester, and generally disappear automatically when the baby is born. However, the excessive bleeding and interference with chewing may be uncomfortable, and some may feel like getting rid off them immediately. If the person is feeling uneasy and wants them to be removed, then she has to go through special dental procedures.

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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and cavities are most common dental issues because of the variety of foods women consume during pregnancy. Acids that are produced excessively due to morning sickness is another reason for loss of enamel and tooth decay. So, it is not a good idea to be sluggish in following the healthy habits as it may sometimes can cause serious issues. Once they know that they are pregnant, women should immediately consult a dentist to get their oral condition checked thoroughly.

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