Oral care recommendations for kids

Oral care recommendations for kids: Kids with temporary gaps in their teeth look adorable but sometimes they may also have to make couple of visits to pediatric dentist for cavities, broken teeth, deficiencies and crooked teeth. Children from infancy through teens are too young to understand the implications of being negligent with oral health. Hence it is the parents responsibility to be cautious and teach their kids about good oral practices, so that they can follow them as everyday continuous activities.

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Oral recommendations for kids

  • Dentists are recommending regular checkups as early as age one to ensure proper growth and development without any complications. General checkups for every 6 months is advised, so that if any dental issues and cavities are there, they get identified immediately.
  • From the eruption of first tooth, it is important to teach kids on the proper brushing habits, so that they will be aware of good practices from the early age itself.
  • It is the parents responsibility to watch for the child’s teeth alignment, gums and other aspects especially if the children are too small to explain their problems.
  • Any misalignment in the permanent teeth can be cured by the cosmetic dentistry procedures. Parents hesitate to take their kids for dental procedures and wait for the children to grow into adults. But what they need to understand is, fixing the teeth arrangements at early stages is more easy than doing it at the adulthood.
  • Children between 3 to 6 years should use pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste while brushing. Parents should monitor kids to make sure that they are not swallowing toothpaste while brushing.

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Routine dental procedures for kids

Scheduling regular cleaning sessions are very important, especially from the age three because there is a high chance of developing potential gum problems at the early stages i.e for the primary teeth. Cleanings at dentist primarily include removal of plaque which is a thin sticky layer of bacteria that generally grows on the teeth due to improper brushing.

Dental x-rays also called as radiographs are taken only if there is an issue or cavity that requires in-depth study and orthodontic treatments. X-rays give complete detail status on the developing teeth, health of bones, supporting tissues and other oral care issues. Not everyone is suggested to go for this procedure, unless it is a part of dental care treatment plan.

Unfortunately, some children inherit the gum diseases like gingivitis at early ages and suffer with the symptoms of red, swollen and bleeding gums. There may be many reasons for this but one of the primary factors is improper dental hygiene. If the symptoms are aggressive immediate treatment is required as this may lead to serious complications further.

Children with improper smile need immediate attention and can be referred to orthodontist for correction of teeth positioning. The treatment to fix the teeth and jaw may include braces made of steel or ceramic. Getting the treatment done will not only improve the child’s appearance but also reduce the risk of damage to any protruding teeth.

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