Oral health hazards for teenagers

Pre-teens and teenagers have to be extra cautious about oral health as they often neglect taking good care of dental hygiene because of their busy schedules. It is important to make them understand good oral habits at early ages so that they can continue practicing them through out their life. Lets discuss some of the typical issues that do occur frequently during the teen years.

Orthodontics — Teeth that are not aligned properly are difficult to clean and there is a chance of developing cavities because of improper maintenance. An orthodontic evaluation is very much required in such cases, as the dentist will analyze and determine the right solution for the improper dental alignment. Either they are suggested to have braces to fix crowded or crooked teeth or have to undergo special cosmetic treatments that can fix the problem permanently. Getting the treatment is not just enough to enjoy the good smile on their faces. To maintain a good oral hygiene, it is also important to maintain the same healthy dental habits consistently without fail.

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Nutrition — Nutrition plays big role in deciding the oral health. Kids and teenagers are at higher risk of losing their oral health because of the junk food they consume everyday. The sugars and starches in many of these junk foods destroy tooth enamel, leading to stains & plaque formation on the teeth. Having a balanced diet is very much important not only to maintain better health but also to have good facial appearance with beautiful smile. It is also the responsibility of parents to educate kids and teens to make them understand the value of nutritious food in maintaining good dental health.

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Smoking — Chewing tobacco, smoking cigars and cigarettes are other reasons for increasing the risk of developing oral cancer and gum diseases. Teenagers have to be extra cautious when getting addicted to these habits as they not only ruin the general health but have bad effects on oral hygiene. Initially it starts with staining the teeth and gums, builds tartar and eventually contribute to bad breadth and other dental issues.

Oral Piercing — Now-a-days studs, barbells, and hoops have become latest fashion among teenagers. Oral piercing can cause serious complications and sometimes may even lead to cracking of the teeth or damaging the nerve or gums. Sometimes, the metal jewelery that are used in piercing may cause infection and lead to uncontrolled bleeding. So it is very essential to understand the implications before going through these oral procedures.


Kids and teenagers are more prone to accidents as they least care about wearing protective dental guards while playing sports. Sometimes, a simple play may also lead to serious accidents hurting teeth and gums. Broken and lost teeth may change their facial appearance & smile and may have a lasting impact on their self-confidence too. Hence, it is always better to understand the rules of safe play, and be defensive in preventing the risks of injuries.

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