Common dental procedures that can enhance your smile

Smile is beautiful so keep smiling as much as possible because it never gets old. Some people do not feel confident about their smile and go for various cosmetic dentistry procedures for smile makeover. People have different reasons to improve their smile, some are not happy with the shape of their teeth while others don’t like the teeth alignment. Smile is a charming asset for a person & builds self-confidence but a smile on one person doesn’t look good on others.
There are many reasons that make a person look bad when he/she is smiling like improper positional teeth, missing or off color teeth & improper curvature. All these problems can be corrected permanently with the help of dental procedures, and you can enjoy the new & natural look with more confidence.

Some dental procedures that makes your smile more impressive 

Dental implants
Dental implants is an ideal choice for people who lose their teeth naturally or due to diseases. Even a single tooth loss makes people feel inconvenient and lose their self esteem. Dental implants are used as a replacement for tooth roots, generally fixed into the jawbone to secure crowns, bridge work or dentures. Once the procedure is finished to replace the missing teeth, your smile looks completely natural and no one wouldn’t even know that you have dental implants unless you tell them.
Cosmetic gum surgery
Due to plaque accumulation and harsh scrubbing actions your gum tissue may shrink away forming a big gap between gums and teeth. The root surface becomes more visible and you will end up having sensitive teeth, with shooting pain occurring occasionally while consuming food or breathing in cold air. People undergo cosmetic gum surgery where gum recession can be fixed to enhance its appearance.
Filling, Crowning & Root canal
Dental caries is the other name for tooth decay that is caused by bacteria which destroys tooth enamel. A substance which is sticky is called as plaque that forms on your tooth in places like between teeth, around bridges, near gum lines. If cavities are not fixed, bacteria spreads deep inside the gums, decays the tooth completely and causes sharp pain or toothache. The reasons for cavity may be many but one of the main reason is bad maintenance of teeth or improper dental habits. Based on the patient’s condition, and depth of the cavity, the dentist will suggest one of the procedures – filling, crowning or root canal.
Tooth whitening
Another factor that ruins the smile badly is discoloration of teeth. Many factors affect the teeth color – tobacco chewing, smoking, excess drinking of tea or coffee, eating high pigment foods etc. Frequent cleanings must be taken by dentists to whiten your teeth as it removes external & internal stains. Tooth whitening is done by bleaching technique which improves your smile but it cannot be done if you have fillings, crowns, bridges etc

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