Automation in Business Processes Brings More Credibility

Business process is a set of activity that works to achieve a target of an organization. Business process can be treated as a structure planning, execution and distribution of work, so that the delivery of service can be made to a client.

Types of Business Process

Management Process
Management process deals with the business procedure that includes the activities like analyzing, decision making, implementing, monitoring and controlling. It includes corporate governance, strategic management and capital management. Basically, it focuses on efficiency in business activities.

Operational Process
FD FanOperational process also treated as primary process and focuses on core business and value chain. The focus of this process is to deliver the value to the customer through the services. It includes purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, sales and generating revenue.

Supporting Process
Supporting process can also refer as secondary process and deal with the core business activities. And also, do not involve in the activity that deals directly with the customer. It includes accounting, human resource management, workplace safety.

What is Automation?
Automation is the usage of information technology to increase the efficiency and reliability in business related activities. In other words, it is a method of increasing potential in a task by using the machines & equipment to control the business process by customizing delivery of products and services. Businesses tend to automate the process which is repetitive or technically feasible or no analysis work is involved that require the usage of human brain. Many creative tasks or activities that involve expertise in decision making do not typically get automated.

How Automation in Work can be More Effective than Manual Work?

User Friendly
In automation an employee need not to have much technical knowledge to accomplish a task. The work can be done by an employee with the available software, by providing a little technical training to. Because software are easy to use.
Whereas, in manual work a person should be technically skilled to deal with the task for getting the best outcome.

Minimizes the Error
IoT software developmentIn a software based work the chances of happening the error in accounting work or generating the client bills get reduced, because the work done on a software is systematic and programmed.
On the other hand, the manual work needs more attention and reliability from an employee towards their work, otherwise the error can be arise and understanding that could create a problematic situation.

Easily Accessibility and Security
Maintaining the record of a task on a online based service makes the user to have accessibility on the maintained record. With an internet based device the information can be access within a very less time from anywhere. A backup of record can also be accessed. Alongside it maintains the security level of business records.
But as a manual based work it is quite hard to access the lost data which consist the records of the clients and business activities. It can also affect business relationship with the clients, if records are not secured.

Time Saver
With the help of cloud computing services completion of task becomes easy, because it provides a standard structure of services as a software. This makes easy for the user to deal with the work effectively, to get a productive result. It also helps in tracking the time and date, by which the work can be completed in a stipulated time. And more focus can be given to other important tasks.
A manual work it quite time consuming, because it needs the user to be well versed in a given task. Otherwise, user may have to spend more time to understand the process, that tends to delay the work.

Cost Controller
The online platforms of cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS, LaaS) provides such services, where physical infrastructure for the installation of server, software, hardware is not required. And works as a effective medium to manage the task for different purposes.
Comparing to automation, manual work is dependable on manpower and physical structure of software, hardware, server, etc. Dealing with the different level task of management, employee should have good grip in their areas. They lack behind many times in their appointed task to fulfill the obligatory result.

So, automation stands as a more preferable way to deal with the day to day task in the business activities and results in to provide the productivity in different level of tasks.

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