Popular Saints of India

The civilization of Bharat gives highest status to the learned man in the spiritual area. Not only are the saints well versed in the knowledge of spiritual matters, they are also expected to have good conduct. As Mahatma Gandhi has said, the Guru is a person with perfect knowledge and also has perfect conduct.

The Indian civilization did not believe in “might is right”, rather they spent considerable time to understand the relationship between man and nature as well as human interactions. They were aware of the base nature of humans but refused to accept that as reality. They sought to understand what leads to better behavior and what conduct is ideal. This thinking of understanding superior conduct that leads to a better society and civilization is the realm of the saints.

Even mighty kings and warriors revered the saints for their focus on soulful pursuits instead of material or worldly pursuits. The saints strivings to lead life in connection with divine principles builds admiration in the hearts of the worldly people.

The saints are supposed to have reached permanent bliss and unaffected by the daily ups and downs in life. As common people struggle to cope with the tensions and tribulations in life, they seek clarity from the saints to get inner peace.

In the realm of psychology, in the recent past there is a growing acknowledgment of the fact that spirituality helps reduce stress and also helps to cope with mental challenges. Many people who have avoided spirituality were increasingly leading a very disturbed life. Some of them later seek spiritual guidance very intensely.

There are several living saints in life who guide their disciples to lead a better and balanced life. Several of them have large followers either those they have initiated directly or many who come seeking blessing and guidance on their own.

In the tradition of Bharatiya spirituality, the focus is on self-realization and seeking God in the way that appeals to you. The saints also have their interpretations of the Hindu spirituality. While almost all the saints by and large agree on the essentials of the spiritual aspects. Based on their experiences, the people and the civilization around them – the saints have different approaches to spirituality.

There are many individuals who are lucky to have found a Saint as their Guru. It could be in person or the individuals idolize from their side, follow the saints discourses and books seeking inner peace. At the same there, many individuals are seeking a saint or a spiritual organization to balance their life. While, the Hindu concept of self-realization provides a variety of paths to achieve spiritual bliss. Unfortunately, it is very confusing for those trying to find a suitable Saint or Guru.

In this section, we have created a profile of the greatest modern saints of India. We have also listed the most recent popular saints both living and non-living. We hope to also provide information on the organizations left behind by these saints to help people on their spiritual journey.

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