What You Need to Know About Pesticides?

Nowadays, there is a lot of concern on the usage of food pesticides and the dangers it can cause to our body and environment. Previously, we believed eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good to our health. But today we need to think twice even before buying because of the chemicals and pesticides used on them as insect repellents. Not only the pesticides are hazardous to human health but it can cause some serious affects to environment and animals. It can travel through air when sprayed on land or can make their way into water source and contaminate the resources.

Reasons for Using Chemicals & Pesticides

The main purpose why farmers use chemicals & pesticides is to protect their farm produce from insects and bugs. Since most of them cannot afford losing their crops for the sake of small insects and pests, they just use pesticides to lower the risk of getting infected. At the same time, it is also the responsibility on the part of the farmers whether to grow their crops as organic or conventional. They have to keep a check on their crops right from the beginning in order to avoid high levels of pest infestation. Also, there are many organic substances which can be used as a replacement for synthetic chemicals.

Organic Pesticides

Instead of using dangerous chemicals on food crops, the farmers can use pesticides that come from natural sources such as plants & herbs, vegetables and house items. Using organic pesticides is safer choice to keep the vegetable or fruit crops away from pest infestation that can cause massive damage to the plants. Unlike synthetic chemicals that are conveniently available as ready-to-use, the organic pesticides require some time & effort for its preparation. Despite these efforts, using organic chemicals adds benefit to the soil as well as food quality.

How to Decide Between Organic & Conventional?

We may not realize the dangers that it can cause to our health immediately, but it can act as a slow poison and may increase the risk of health hazards in the long term. We need to remember that washing fruits and vegetables may remove some chemical residues but cannot completely remove the traces. So, if you have budgets that are really tight and cannot afford to buy complete organic foods, make a wise decision which fruits and vegetables are a must to go for organic and which are fine using conventional. Fruits like apples, grapes, peaches, strawberries etc which we eat without peeling the skin off, it is best to go for organic. Others like pineapple, avocados, oranges etc, it is fine to go for conventional produce.


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