Few Simple Tips to Stay Healthy

We come across millions of ideas that prescribe how to stay healthy. But, do we really use the amount of information available when it comes to being healthy. Well most of us will agree that we do not even bother to look at them. To be honest you need to pay attention to some of the tips in order to maintain your health.

Lots of people today are suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, heart diseases and high cholesterol. Almost all of these problems happen because of your lifestyle choice. With few simple practices you can actually avoid these problems and lead a healthy life.

Here are some tips that are very easy to follow:

Eat food with care

The process of staying healthy begins with eating nutritious meals. Nutritious meals do not mean you have to always eat salads; you can incorporate everything like seasonal fruits, veggies, lean meat, fish, milk, healthy fats and fibers. What we have to control are the foods high in calories and too much sugar.

There are various minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and fiber available from different colored vegetables. The colorful foods from plants also contain antioxidants that help to preserve your youthfulness. So, never forget to add some veggies on your plate. Take a fruit during the day or as a dessert.

Eat when you are hungry

Eat when you feel like doing so. Eating just because food is stacked inside fridge, and completely unaware of what you are eating can be dangerous to your health. Eat when you are actually hungry.

However, never skip breakfast. When you don’t have breakfast it leads to the metabolic rate decrease. Lower metabolic rate leads to weight gain and problems with digestion. Not only that breakfast enhances concentration and helps us to focus better. Plan the other meals of your day on time. It is also important to see that each of the meals you are taking is healthy. Take food at least couple of hours before going to bed. It helps to prevent obesity and other heath complications.


Physical exertion is as important as taking healthy meals. It is not that you have to hit the gym on a daily basis and get a good workout there. You can burn some calories walking for half an hour and that too in your neighborhood park. Movement is important as it will keep our lungs and cardiovascular system healthy. Try to make exercise a habit. You can do swimming, aerobics, dance, walk or hit the gym for 20 to 30 minutes every day to cleanse your lymph system and help your body to naturally excrete toxins and other unnecessary wastes.

Have enough fluids

We have always heard that we need to drink atleast 8 glasses of water every day, but does not know how vital it is for our health. Not taking enough water could give rise to hunger pangs, which may be just your thirst. Having enough water will flush unnecessary things from your system and keep your skin good and healthy.

Avoid smoking and control drinking

Taking alcohol is a great way to relax after a hard day at work, but it is taking a toll on your white blood cells. Lesser white blood cells mean a weak immune system. Smoking is very dangerous. It can cause heart diseases, lung problems and even cancer.

Take rest

Your body is a machine and like any other machines it has to take rest and recharge. Our body needs minimum 8 hours of sleep to carry on with our duties.

Take good care of your health, it is important. You just have to follow these above tips to stay healthy.


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