Roof Top Container Gardening

Creating a nice garden on your rooftop can be one of the best ways to accentuate its beauty. In fact, it can literally create a perfect personal oasis for you. However, container gardening on your rooftop is no easy feat and you must know the best ways to go about it. Here we will look at some of the things that you need to get right.  When you want to have the perfect rooftop container garden in your home you must take care of these things.

fairy garden plantsThe containers are by far the most essential component of your rooftop garden. While it allows you to get really creative with them, you need to decide at the onset as to the type of plants you want so that you to pick the right containers. Over the years, the types of containers have expanded greatly and this means that they are available in all kinds of price tags.

Apart from aesthetics, you need to think about the material and weight when you want to get containers for your rooftop gardening project. There are also containers that are sufficiently large for any kind of plants and roots that you may want to accommodate.

miniature plants

One of the things that require careful thought on your part is the weight that is going to be exerted on the roof. You need to keep in mind that these containers are going to get heavy as you water your plants.

Additionally, the material of the container is also an important factor. Materials like cement, clay and terra cotta are rather heavy.

On the other hand, plastic and various synthetic materials may be light but you also have to think about the height of the plants. A problem with traditional materials like clay and terra cotta is that they tend to get more heated up which can make it necessary to water your plants more frequently. For this reason, you may optionally consider buying self-watering pots or containers having water reservoirs.

miniature gardening The garden you are planning to create must be supported by nutrient-rich soil. It is a well-known fact that good quality soil produces healthy plants that always look great. You can look for different kinds of potting mixes that can be suitable for the plants you are looking to have in your garden.

Alternately, you can also create your very own combination of soil that can work perfectly for the plants. Based on the season on which you are planting the seeds and saplings, you may need to set or change the soil every now and then.

The growth of the plants can be accelerated by the application of proper fertilizers. Plants require a sufficient amount of water and nutrients to grow. As the plant grows, it needs more water and nutrients. This is something that can only be managed by applying the right kind of fertilizer. Currently you will find a lot of great organic choices when it comes to these fertilizers that can ensure fast growth of your terrace garden plants.    

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