Global Warming – Impact In India

A recently carried out study throws light on the fact that the pace at which global warming is happening is more rapid than that predicted. It has been forecast that due to global warming, there’ll be about 1.5 degrees rise in temperature in the next 10-15 years, worldwide. The fact that the same would create havoc throughout the planet warrants no special mention.

The only way to save the World from these effects is to take corrective action, without delay. This particular study clearly mentioned that India is going to be one of the countries where the impact of global warming would be most severe.

Global warming effects in India – a key point
A key point about global warming needs to be specifically mentioned. For countries where the weather is cold for most of the year, a slight increase in heat causes no issues whatsoever. But, when we consider tropical regions of the World, even this little rise is not without unfavorable effects. And in this respect, unfortunately, India is a country with a predominantly hot climate! So, what is implied by all that is anyone’s guess: withstanding the outcome of global warming is a major challenge for India!   

At this juncture, it won’t be inappropriate to have a look at some of the major corresponding points:

  • The impact of global warming is one of the several factors on account of which the economy of India is unable to realize its full potential, on the competitive landscape of global markets.
  • The above-said 1.5 degrees increase, by itself, shall expose the country to several perils. And, in case this temperature rises by just another 0.5 degrees, the effects are going to be horrific beyond words.
  • Owing to global warming, there will be an increase in frequency floods and also, they are likely to be more severe. In addition, it’s predicted that more number of zones of the country shall be impacted by these calamities. Along with floods, cyclones are likely to become more intense.
  • The consequences of global warming will not stop with cyclones/floods; in fact, there is going to be a drastic rise in heat, especially when the summer is in progress. Heatwaves are going to be common occurrences, in the hotter months of the year.
  • If global warming progresses unabatedly, there will be more natural calamities and this, in turn, would bring about a marked decline in the country’s GDP. It’s not just that; the total quantity of agricultural produce in India will reach an abysmally low level. This would invariably lead to a major problem: food scarcity. 

There is no denying the fact that all the aforesaid points appear quite scary. But from a positive perspective, things have not yet gone totally out of control. Even now, India can eliminate almost all the negatives of global warming. But for this, the presence of stringent regulations and environmental laws is necessary and there should be no escape for people/entities violating these legal stipulations. Most importantly, the government should not allow too much time to elapse, before concrete measures are taken.

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