Cultivating Right Habits In Kids About Gifting

Cultivating the right gifting habits in kids can be a rewarding pursuit for both parents and children. It leads to the development of generosity when children learn to gift early in their lives. It is for this reason that children should be involved in charitable activities from an early age. The children also learn how to be empathetic to others, which leads to the cultivation of essential values in them. Kids should be conscious about the fact, that they belong to a larger community. They are responsible for the people around them, as a part of a greater social life. Therefore, inculcating the values of gifting gives a charitable spirit to the children. It also grows a healthy sense of compassion in the kids.

When should kids be introduced to charity?
It is important to get kids involved in charitable activities at the right time. By the time they are four to five years old, they would realize the feelings that people around them have. However, it is not necessary to introduce kids to charitable activities at a very young age. Younger kids do not understand the emotions, fears, or feelings that others have for them. When a kid turns five, on average, he or she can respect and understand the fact that people have an inner life, and everyone is different. At this stage, they should be developing an essence of empathy. Getting involved in charitable activities reinforces this empathy.

Different ways in which kids can give away

You have many ways, through which you can teach the values of gifts to your child. In schools, they might come to know about volunteering ideas. Back at home, they need a supportive environment from their parents. This can give them a good hearth, which proves to be a valuable asset when they mature. As a parent, you must encourage them to donate their clothing, toys and necessary school supplies to needy children. This prevents kids from becoming self-centered when they mature. Kids should also realize the value of donating time, rather than giving away gifts every time. For instance, feeding hungry people involves a sensation of kindness, something beyond monetary aspects.

Involving children in charitable activities
For younger children, it is easier to understand the more concrete and direct examples of donating things. They understand their fondness for their dolls or cars. Therefore, you need to explain to them that every kid is not fortunate enough to enjoy these things. The earlier the children understand the value of gifting, the faster they can develop their character. Often, children have toys that they no longer play with. Gifting them to other kids can make a difference in the way they lead their lives. It is advisable to get your children involved in charitable missions from an early age.

In many schools, the authorities set up charity boxes, where the children can contribute. This philanthropic mentality goes a long way in shaping their characters in the future. It is important to incorporate charitable values in the lives of children at the right time. As a responsible parent, you need to cultivate the gifting habits in kids.

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