7 Perfect Weddings Gifts Ideas That Are Not Expensive

As the wedding season comes in, you would be thinking of inexpensive gift ideas, so that it does not take a toll on your personal budget. A thoughtful gift ensures that you need not drain your pockets. Gifts have traditionally been tokens of love for newlywed couples. Here, you will come across some of the perfect wedding gift ideas, that would not cost you much. With these gifts, you can possibly save yourself from overspending.

Embroidered linens
Well, people often think of cheap gift options like pillowcases, towels and bedsheets. You can think a bit further, gifting embroidered linens. This ensures that you can remain within the budget, without compromising much with the quality of the gift. You might choose a gift with machine embroidering, but it might be a bit expensive. Alternatively, you have the option of hand embroidery. Further customizing the gift, you can incorporate a monogram or name, or the nickname of the recipients. This would be something memorable for the newlywed.

A customized backpack
This would be an innovative gift idea for newlywed couples. Knowing that they would be honeymooning soon, you can choose a customized backpack as a gift item. These products remain within an affordable range, and you can easily get them customized from the reputed brands.

Honeymoon gear
You may find out where the couple is planning to go for honeymoon and gift them a suitable gear. Try out different combinations, as per your budget. The gift may consist of beach towels, a few beach-reads and sunscreen. In case they are on an adventurous vacation, you can gift them a first-aid kit, trail mix, sunglasses and so on. If they are on a road trip, the gift kit may include road maps, gas card, some healthy snacks and mix CDs.

Trees and plants
To acknowledge the union of the couple, you might gift them bonsai or potted indoor plants. This would be a sweet way to resonate their growing love. These plants would continue growing a long time after the event. This gift would signify their love’s endurance in the years to come.

Kitchen appliances
If you are planning to gift something functional, you might buy kitchen appliances as gift items. Mixers, juicers and basic models of micro ovens are popular yet affordable items. Besides, you can gift them crockery sets, or other appliances that might be used in the kitchen.

A framed photograph
Not all gifts can with in terms of their monetary value. People count some gifts in terms of enjoyment or experience. A quality, wooden framed photograph would not cost you much. However, the memories would remain framed forever.

Buy a couple watch as a set from a reputed brand. It will not cost you too much, but the essence it creates in the minds of the recipients would be wonderful. Gift watches are popular, particularly when you buy them in sets. An elegant watch set would be a sophisticated gift for the couple.

Apart from the gift ideas presented above, you can always be creative with the marriage gift. Gift cards, Amazon Echo, wine glass sets and photo albums remain some of the top picks as wedding gift items, that come within affordable ranges.

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