Essential Food Habits for Healthy Life

We have a busy life and there are so many priorities in life. We are over loaded with information. FM Radio, TV, Online,  Mobile,  Outdoor advertising, pamplets, newspapers, emails and magazines. We are pounded on all sides with various sources providing “info” on everything.  However, insightful information is less; while  low quality and many times false information is more. In this article, we tried to address and give you the most important food related items in simple manner so that you can read, remember and act on it.

Eat organically grown food
It’s simple; when you prefer organic produce, you choose naturally grown foods that use organic fertilizers and pesticides over food that is grown using industrial chemicals for fertilizers and pesticides. This is even more essential when it comes to fruits and vegetables that retain residues such as grapes, strawberries, or cauliflower. Industrial agriculture use many things to boost productivity, profitability or to make things convenient for farmers. A variety of chemicals are used including weedicides, pesticides and growth hormones. Chemical fertilizers may not be as harmful as these poisons and hormones used on the plants. The best solution is to go for organic food. Even if it is not 100% organic, it is better than the cheap industrial agriculture food items that can cause a variety of ailments.

Avoid chemically refined oils
Any chemical refining process strips the nutrients from the produce. So, instead of regular refined refined oil, opt for physically refined options, which have not undergone any chemical treatment.

Stay away from cheap unhealthy oils especially palmolein oil
Palmolein oil may come at a much lower price compared to other options, but the consequences harm your health. It is the worst oil for your wellbeing. Go for physically-refined rice bran oil – a healthier and tastier choice.  Also, many branded snacks use palmolein oil, so it is better to prefer snacks that avoid using such oils. Most packaged food comes with palmolein oil, so it is a bit of a challenge but worth it. In worst case, reduce the consumption of food that is manufactured with palmolein oils

Opt for organic animal based produce
There are many animal-based food products where the quantity of the food products is boosted by using various chemicals. This is true with milk, milk products, meat and eggs. All these chemicals used on the animals have a negative impact on our health. Contaminated milk produced when cows injected with hormonal doses, chicken fed on heavy doses of antibiotics, heavily processed meats – are a few strict ‘no-nos’. Select fresh, organic animal produce for your health.

A2 milk is better than other milks
Not all milk is same. The milk of traditional indian cow is A2 milk. So there is so much reverence for the cow in Indian culture. Imported cows like the  Jersey cows do not give A2 milk but A1 milk. Buffalo milk is not considered as healthy as cow milk.  Also, anything from cow milk is more tastier – milk, coffee or tea made with such milk, ghee or butter.

Organic and A2 milk is a very good combination. You will not get it cheap. But it is worth it. So the choice is between protecting your health or paying for medication.

The most important thing to remember is to make some healthy choices in your life. It is better alternative than the status quo. Make one healthy choice today and stick to it.  In the future, you can add one more easily.  It is easier to make a few changes at a time rather than to make a half dozen changes at once.

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