Cooking and Covid Times

Cooking is not only the mixing of ingredients and to make it delicious but it is more than that. It is an art and when we say art things that come to mind are painting, designing crafts, and many more. Art means something in which we think what to design and then implement it.

In the same way, when we think what will be the dish, what ingredients will go in it, how it will taste, and how we are going to present it. All these things depend upon our imagination and the way of executing it. To get a final dish which is not only tasty and healthy but also attractive.

There are a lot of cuisines in the world and every country has its recipes and its way of cooking. People all over the world not only eat to fulfill their hunger but also to satisfy their taste buds.

So going out and having a meal in restaurants or having a fast food meal has become a fashion. As the food industry is well developed especially in urban areas and a lot of options are available, people can’t resist themselves from eating outside. But as many of these are very unhealthy choices and they undermine our strength and affect our immunity.

In the current situation of covid19, we all are locked in our houses. We can’t go out and enjoy our normal life. Our lifestyle has been completely changed.

In this situation being 24*7 at home, we think a lot about something tasty to eat, thus our food consumption has increased as compared to the normal days. Since there is no more ordering and eating out, home cooking is the safest and also healthiest.

Before COVID also people used to cook for themselves or their family. But this pandemic makes us learn that we can not only cook but can improve our cooking skills.

We can cook almost everything at home which we used to eat outside. We can’t say it will be tastier than those junk foods or restaurant food but it will always satisfy our taste buds and most important is they will be healthy.

Every country has its cooking techniques. In India cooking has its importance. So many varieties are there that it cannot be imagined. Indian cooking includes oil, spices of different types which not only makes it spicy and tasty but healthy too. Healthy ingredients like vegetables, lentils, green leaves, spices made from garlic, ginger, coriander powder, and many more are used in a single dish which makes it healthy.

The spices available in India have medicinal value especially being great sources of boosting immunity as per the ancient Indian medicine system called Ayurveda. Cinnamon stick, cloves, nutmeg, black and green cardamom, black pepper, and ginger are the immunity booster spices. In the current coronavirus pandemic, all the above spices when used daily help us to stay healthy and to increase our immunity.

Coronavirus has no medicine that can cure it and neither is a vaccine available. To improve immunity many households are boiling the spices with medicinal value in water, cooling it and people are drinking it for immunity improvement. It helps our body maintain high immunity and cleans the flushes the throat area preventing the buildup of any harmful germs. The trend of food being cooked by the mother or women of the house is changed now. Men and even children are also participating in cooking in India and many have started enjoying the joy of cooking.

In this time of pandemic maintaining social distance, wearing a mask, hand sanitization, and boosting immunity is most important to fight the virus. This situation teaching us that quality time with family is the most precious time where we can cook together, play with our children, share thoughts with our elders, help each other, and enjoy time together in the house.

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