Why To Do Yoga?

Yoga means to join, to bind, or to unite with spiritual or universal power. It is all about taking control of the body, with the help of breath and thus relaxing our body, mind, and soul. When all body parts and organs function effectively under the control of our conscious mind then only we are said to be healthy.

Going to the gym, developing muscles, physical workout to look slim and to be on a diet is not easy for everyone. Having a slim body or muscles does not mean that we are healthy. 

Any type of physical exercise or physical movement causes fatigue in the body. Yoga neutralizes the fatigue by the inhalation and exhalation process. Yoga is an easy and very effective way to achieve a healthy lifestyle without much effort.

There are different asanas in yoga. The word ‘asan’ means a uniform position. Every asan(pose) has its significance and works differently for every part of the body. The most important point to remember in doing yoga asana is the breathing technique. Inflating the abdomen while inhaling and then slowly exhaling till the release of all air from the abdomen. This breathing technique is followed in many yoga asanas. These asanas should be done in the morning with an empty stomach for a good result.

For the people whose daily schedule is very hectic and can’t give much time to the complete yoga asanas or any type of physical exercise, those people can do 20 minutes of yoga asana. They will work as a wonder in their mental and physical balance.

The basic asana that anyone can perform are:

  1. Om chanting: Start with Om chanting. It is said that Om is the sound that is present in the universe. It helps to calm our body and mind, relax our nervous system, and reduce stress. It is performed by sitting on a mat in a comfortable position with crossed legs. With closed eyes inhale and expand the stomach, hold the breath till the count of three, and then chant om while slowly exhaling.
  • Surya namaskar: It is known as the ultimate asana which works for the complete body. It helps to relax our body, burn fat, control blood sugar level, increase concentration, improves internal organ functions, improve blood circulation.
  • Anulom Vilom: It is a meditation that connects our mind, body, and soul. In this close left nostril inhale with the right, close the right nostril, hold the breath for a few minutes and exhale with the left. Repeat this process for 10-20 times.

There are many more asanas that work on internal organs, glands, and muscles. In every asana, your body will tell to which extent you can continue. If the body feels any pain, then slowly come out from that pose.

Benefits of doing yoga:

  • gives relief from back pain, neck pain, menstrual pain.
  • supports good health habits.
  • help people to quit smoking.
  • gives relief in menopause symptoms.
  • help people to lose weight.
  • boost the immune system.
  • control cholesterol, and sugar level in the blood.
  • better sleep.

Practicing yoga daily gives wonderful results. Whether you are fat, slim, young, or old, yoga is for everyone. It calms the mind and strengthens the body. With the help of yoga, one can change our lifestyles, will get to know our body, and can control it. Yoga gives a new and complete way of living a healthy life.

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