Unimpressive First Experience With Kindle Reader

The Kindle Reader has been considered by many as something that revolutionized book reading where people are enabled to store thousands of books at a single location. With this reader, you have quick access to read a lot of books though mostly at a price; you are never distant from your favorite books. I also finally purchased a kindle after hearing of the many advantages, and my experience has not been very great. The limited benefits of Kindle do not outweigh the disadvantages.

Despite the advantages claimed in various articles and videos, it has to be highlighted that for the majority of readers, the first experience with a Kindle Reader is not so pleasant. It would now be worthwhile to briefly focus on some of the related aspects.

  • Most first-time users complain that they love the feel of an actual book in their hands. They add that this exactly is what that lacks in a Kindle reader.
  • In the case of a regular book, it’s very easy for you to flip through a few pages and show the points to anyone. In this context, the e-reader is not that convenient. 
  • Only e-ink is used in a Kindle and not the blue light. Yet, if you are using the e-reader for the first time, reading on the screen could be strenuous for the eyes. It is a scientifically proven fact that the natural light and the print of actual books don’t strain your eyes in this way. 
  • Typically, pages of an average book are much bigger than the Kindle screen and this also could hinder the first reading experience on Kindle.

In additions, there were others things that we not giving a great experience

  • Everything in the Kindle, including the cover of a book, is in black, gray, or white; there are no varied colors. This might make the e-reader unappealing to people who just started using it. They say that this is just like watching an outdated black-and-white television.
  • The Kindle reader hardly supports any added features; it has to be mainly used only as of the e-book reader. You cannot expect things such as seamless internet browsing and a quality camera from this e-reader. This is one more factor that won’t be to the liking of people, especially first-time users. 
  • A Kindle is more delicate when compared with a physical book. If you are handling the e-reader for the first time, this delicateness can keep you in a state of a constant worry. Is it slipping from my hand? You will continuously be bogged down by such thoughts!
  • When good Wi-Fi connectivity is among your priorities, it then has to be admitted that the Kindle is not always dependable. There invariably are going to be situations where you require Wi-Fi and the e-reader is unable to connect! 
  • There is another thing that causes a great deal of annoyance to readers who have only recently started using Kindle: advertisements. Each time the screen is locked or unlocked, users are compelled to see advertisements speaking of special offers. Needless to say, very few people are interested in such ads. For many readers, these frequent ads are nothing but intrusions and disturbances. Though the ads are avoided by pressing the concerned buttons, it has to be noted that the new users are unaware of these tricks.

The Kindle device is an e-reader offering several features to the users. While it may look like the issues above are predominantly faced by people who haven’t used it before. There is not much substance to the argument. As you slowly get acclimatized to kindle, some of these problems may reduce over time. 

But my personal experience with Kindle was not great and I had to order the paper copy of the book again. So it cost me extra for the book and also had to pay over ten thousand for the device too! So be careful before you have the itch to buy a kindle and read a book on a e-reader.

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